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Mir Alisher Navoiy


Dear friends I heartily welcome you im my website from where you may find useful information about the unique History,Culture and peoples of Surkhan Oasis and its Heart Termez which still plays an important role of a fortpost of Uzbekistan.

Visiting this part of Uzbek land you will feel a warm and sincere hospitality of its peoples whose originations are related to Bactrians, Iranians, Greeks, Persians, Indians, Turks, Mongols and Arabs as well.

For those who are deeply interested in the Rich and Antique History of Surkhan-Termez I would be happy to offer a good chance of Becoming one part of it, observing Archaeological excavations or having even a good opportunity to do it with the prominent archaeologists of Uzbekistan, France, Germany and Japan. Enjoy every moment of your trip in the South!

Reviews of my clients

Be a part of our History and Culture or just touch it!!!
Rayhon, Thank you so much for showing me Uzbekistan. I have fallen in love with your cou..
Be a part of our History and Culture or just touch it!!!
myself with other had a chance to visit Uzbekistan last September for a week and Rayhon was..


Be a part of our History and Culture or just touch it!!!

Taking part in the archaeological excavations. Observing a simple country life of Surkhan p..

A tour program in Termez for 1.5 Day

Start sightseeing Kampirtepe-a citadel of Alexander the Great IV-III cc B.C.-III-IV cc ..


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